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Jones Racing Products, Inc.  What Drives You®
Jones Racing Products, Inc. What Drives You®

Jones Racing Products has produced durable belt drive systems that promote speed and efficiency for over 30 years.  Starting with billet aluminum, our entire product line, manufactured in our Ottsville, Pennsylvania facility, is CNC machined to ensure lightweight, strong and extremely accurate pulleys for the demands of today’s high rpm engines.


A huge benefit seen by customers using the Jones Racing Products line of belt drive kits is the personal touch we put into every drive.  We are able to tailor our pulley systems to each engine builder or racer’s individual needs, which are based on the engine rpm’s, type of racing as well as the accessories being run.  As a result, we are able to guarantee that each driven accessory is in its optimum RPM range consuming the least amount of horsepower while maintaining proper performance from all the pumps and the alternator.

With thousands of different pulley configurations in stock and ready to ship, it is easy for Jones Racing Products to provide our customers with the correct pulleys, pumps and mounting brackets for any configuration whether it is a change to their existing setup or a brand new kit.

Every kit from Jones Racing Products is user friendly; it ships out complete to the customer, including correct pulley ratios, alignment spacing, mounting hardware, belts and even spare belts.  Everything is included, all in one carefully hand-packed box, which will result in saving the customer time and money while being correct for their application from the start.

Racers are always looking for tips to help them maintain a fast, reliable racecar.  One of the biggest areas Jones Racing Products is able to help with this goal is to keep the ratios of every driven accessory correct.  For example, pumps need certain rpm ranges to move their fluid fast enough to produce the desired pressure and flow characteristics, but too fast can cause cavitation, fluid viscosity breakdown and over-heating.  Keeping these driven accessory rpms correct, are all key to a fast racecar and reliable race engine. 

It is a fact that sales for dealers and engine builders are increased when they have a Jones Racing Products’ belt drive system on display in their shop or showroom.  We offer our customers displays which house complete drives to show to their prospective customers.  The ability for a dealer to display the “real” product and not just a picture is a huge sales tool and advantage when closing a sale.  Those prospective customers will see our quality, precision and care that we put into each and every one of our products in our line.   

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